About Us

Established in 2001 in India. SAAM Textiles is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Polyester / Viscose,Polyester/Wool,Polyester/Wool/Lycra, Polyester/Viscose/Lyra, 100% Organic Cotton Suiting and Poly / Cotton Gingham Shirting fabric.We cater to a large retail chains and corporate clients in The United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and The United States of America.

With rigorous innovation in our manufacturing capabilities and sustainable measures to acheive the same, SAAM Textiles has sucessfully made a mark on an international level, as manufacturers of premium suiting, shirting, uniform fabrics, and one of the latest manufacturers of synthetic fabrics. SAAM Textiles is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Quality is at the forefront of our company values.

The company is certified as SA 8000:2008 for achieving excellence in accountability towards the "SOCIAL FIBRE".

About SAAM Textiles Logo

We wanted to have a logo that showed what we do as a company and portrays the values we believe in. The logo consists of a weave pattern signifying that we are in the textiles industry. The intertwining threads of the weave show team work and unity. We chose the colour blue for the logo as that is the colour of the fabric that we make the most. The logo comprises of an S and 2 A's that together form an M thus encompassing the alphabets of the name of the company, S standing for Shaurya, A for Armaan, A for Archana and M for Mukesh.

The Founder


Mr. Mukesh Bhargava - Founder and Chairman
A first generation entrepreneur, Mr. Mukesh Bhargava is a industry veteran with over 35 years of work experience. He has previously worked with some of India's largest textile organizations. Leveraging his international experience in textile centres in Europe, , Mr. Bhargava has led SAAM Textiles develop an in depth understanding of the global textile landscape.

He has been honored as one of India's Top 100 promising SME business leaders by the Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises(MSME), Government of India.



Meet the Team

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Najender S Rathore

President - Sales & Marketing


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Girish Trivedi

President - Finance & Commercial


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Pushpendra S Panwar

Asst President - Production


exporter of Lycra suiting in India

T. Narayanan

Project Head